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The story of maharani is an adaptation of Empress Gi’s life, her love, her sacrifice and her journey of becoming the empress. The story revolves around a girl born in the Goryeo dynasty but at a very young age she was given as tribute to the Yuan dynasty. Later because of her beauty And authoritative temperament she caught the attention of an emperor. Ki ends up marring the emperor and becoming the great empress Ki.

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Empress Ki 

South Korean television series

Ki Hwanghoo (original title)
IMDB: 8.6/10 (tt3322566)
Stars:  Hye-Rin Han, Ji-won Ha, Jin-mo Ju
Genres: Drama , History , Romance
No Of Episodes: 51
Quality: 720p Web-Rip
Language: Hindi Dub (Urdu)
 Empress Ki  Dubbed In Urdu As Mahrani.


A woman sent to the Yuan Empire in China as tribute eventually rises to become the primary Empress
The drama takes you throughout the history of china and beautifully portrays the characteristics of the empress. Maharani focuses on the empress’s loving, kind and influential personality as well as the mind for political affairs. The drama conjointly showcases show Empress Ki has vie a very important role in ever-changing the mentality, improving political situations and fighting her way through the conservative mindset about male dominating society.
Maharani drama received high praise as the audience appreciated the level of accuracy with history and fare play of dramatization. The rating of the show was off the charts because it hit the screens domestically further as internationally.


Ha Ji-won as Empress Ki / Ki Seung Nyang
Hyun Seung-min as young Ki Seung Nyang
Joo Jin-mo as Wang Yoo (Chunghye of Goryeo)
Ahn Do-gyu as young Wang Yoo
Ji Chang-wook as Toghon Temür / Ta Hwan
Kim Ji-han as Tal Tal (Toqto’a)
Baek Jin-hee as Tanashiri (Danashiri)

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The series revolves around Ki Seungnyang, a Goryeo-born woman who ascends to power despite the restrictions of the era's class system, and later marries Toghon Temür (Emperor of Mongol Empire) to become an empress of the Yuan dynasty, instead of her first love, Wang Yu. It managed to highlight the deep love the Emperor embedded in Lady Ki and depicts her loves and political ambitions.

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