Chhota Bheem and Ganesh in the Amazing Odyssey 2012 Full Movie Download Hindi, Tamil, Telgue, Urdu | 3gp | 360p | 480p | 720p HD

 Chhota Bheem All Movies Hindi Dubbed Free Download 360p | 480p | 720p 1080p HD   

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 Chhota Bheem and Ganesh in the Amazing Odyssey 2012 Full Movie Download Hindi, Tamil, Telgue, Urdu | 3gp | 360p | 480p | 720p HD


Name: Chhota Bheem and Ganesh in the Amazing Odyssey

Genre: Action,Animation,Adventure 

Languages: Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, English 

Encoded By: Abdul Raheem

Country: India  

Movie Info

Name : Chhota Bheem Aur Ganesh In The Amazing Odyssey

Release Year : 23 December 2012 (India)

Language : Hindi – Tamil – Telugu

Duration : 01 Hour 02 Minutes 16 Seconds

Size : 186-193MB, 292-410MB, 324-798MB

Quality : 480p – 720p – 1080p


Chhota Bheem, a gifted nine-year-old boy, and his friends set out to fight evil in the city of Sonapur and defeat Damyaan, a demon blessed with immortality.

A tyrannical Kaifu wishes to take over the peaceful Shaolin temple. Ming, a monk, fetches Bheem and his friends to fight Kaifu and help save the temple.Chhota Bheem embarks on an adventurous journey to Petra where he takes part in an annual sports competition and beats a dacoit named Dark Hands. He subsequently rescues two beautiful princesses. During Bheem's early days, the broadcaster Pogo had stressed that the storyline is kept simple and mysteries and complex plot avoided at all cost, as the viewers were too young to understand, but nowadays there is no such restriction. The timeline and Dholakpur too have been allowed to become fluid and stretchable and this has caused the characters to become more person-like and less childish. Supernatural events have often been used in episodes, like Dholakpur being attacked by the demon Zimbara, the evil witch, or Botakpur. Bheem and his team participating in various competitions in Dholakpur or in adjoining kingdoms are also a common theme, as is the celebration of Indian festivities.


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The series is set in the fictional kingdom of Dholakpur, somewhere in rural India. The series revolves around Bheem, sometimes referred to as Chhota Bheem (little Bheem) due to his young age, a boy who is strong and intelligent.[3] Bheem's rival is Kalia, who is envious of Bheem's popularity. Kalia, along with his sidekicks, twin brothers Dholu and Bholu, always plot to embarrass and defeat Bheem, but never succeeds.


Professor Shastri Dhoomketoo
He is an inventor who Lives In Gyanpur. He often ends up getting problems with his inventions, like getting his inventions stolen, or malfunctioning. His inventions include a time machine, a hot air balloon, a super-fast bicycle, etc.

Bheem's foster sister is Shivani. She lives in Pehelwanpur and runs a dhaba there named "Shivani ka Dhaba". Her father is imprisoned for no reason by the cruel king, and to free him she needs 500 gold coins. But the Pehalwan Dabbu tries to take over the Dhaba. Bheem comes to her rescue and even frees her father from jail, this scene was seen in one episode where she sent bheem one letter on rakshabandhan where she didn't described anything so bheem thought something was suspicious and had to go to her after he solved her problems she tied a rakhi on his wrist on rakshabandhan where other people were also celebrating along with bheem's gang. In the episodes of "20–20 Cricket" and the movie – Chhota Bheem: Bheem vs Aliens, she has been seen supporting Bheem's team. Also, Shivani and Chutki are shown to be good friends.

Buri Jadugarni ( The Evil Sorceress)
Buri Jadugarni is an evil sorceress who is an enemy of Bheem. She meets Bheem in the episode ''The Chocolate World''. She tried to become the queen of dholakpur (Queen Madhu) but never succeeded because of bheem and his team. She is also called Buri Pari (Evil Fairy) or Buri Chudail (Evil Witch).

In the episode of " Dholakpur ki nayi rani" she has a son who helps her in becoming the queen.

Achhi Jadugarni (The Good Sorceress)
She is a good Sorceress who helps Bheem in defeating Buri Jadugarni. She is also called Achhi Pari (Good Fairy). She lives in Agadam( A place of good wizards and Witches) or in the forest of Dholakpur.

Avi Chacha
He is another scientist who lives in Dholakpur. He is also a friend of Professor Shastri Dhoomketu. He invented many gadgets but all were destroyed.

Kaptaan Singh
He is the head captain of a ship of Dholakpur, Dholakpur Queen.

He is the sidekick of Daku Mangal Singh.

Daku Chacha
He is an experienced dacoit uncle of Daku Mangal Singh.

He is a demon who tries to attack Dholakpur. He has appeared in the Chhota Bheem and Krishna film series.

Kallasura and Chalchaaya
They are the sons or successors of Kirmada.

Zimbara and Mayandri
They are the siblings of Kirmada

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