Chhota Bheem Aur Krishna Full Movie Download and Watch Online Free 480p, 720p, 3gp

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Chhota Bheem Aur Krishna Full Movie Download and Watch Online Free 480p, 720p, 3gp


Name: Chhota Bheem Aur Krishna Full Movie Download 

Genre: Action,Animation,Adventure 

Languages: Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, English 

IMDb:  6.4/10
MovieChhota Bheem Aur Krishna 
Duration: 1h 10min
Language: Hindi, Tamil
Subtitle: No
Nation: India
Release Date: 24 August 2008
Genres: Animation | Adventure | Action
Quality: 360p | 480p | 720p  | 1080p

Encoded By: Abdul Raheem

Country: India  

Quality: 480p, 720p, 3gp


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The series is set in the fictional kingdom of Dholakpur, somewhere in rural India. The series revolves around Bheem, sometimes referred to as Chhota Bheem (little Bheem) due to his young age, a boy who is strong and intelligent.[3] Bheem's rival is Kalia, who is envious of Bheem's popularity. Kalia, along with his sidekicks, twin brothers Dholu and Bholu, always plot to embarrass and defeat Bheem, but never succeeds.

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Most of the initial stories revolved around Bheem and his friends Chutki, Raju and Jaggu's rivalry with Kalia and his friends Dholu and Bholu. However, as the series has progressed, this topic has been adopted as the subject less often, although Kalia is still just as eager to prove himself superior to Bheem. A large number of episodes, along with all the films, also focus on Bheem and his team solving various problems affecting the village, unravelling mysteries, fighting evils that seek to harm Dholakpur or its inhabitants, and on their antics, which often get them into trouble.


During Bheem's early days, the broadcaster Pogo had stressed that the storyline is kept simple and mysteries and complex plot avoided at all cost, as the viewers were too young to understand, but nowadays there is no such restriction. The timeline and Dholakpur too have been allowed to become fluid and stretchable and this has caused the characters to become more person-like and less childish. Supernatural events have often been used in episodes, like Dholakpur being attacked by the demon Zimbara, the evil witch, or Botakpur. Bheem and his team participating in various competitions in Dholakpur or in adjoining kingdoms are also a common theme, as is the celebration of Indian festivities.


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